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Breaking: Stephen Ferruolo Named 10th Dean of USD School of Law

Posted by demkid on May 25, 2011

You heard it here first (or so we hope): Stephen Ferruolo will be named the 10th Dean of the University of San Diego School of Law.  The official announcement will come next week, but we here at the Bright Coast pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve.  USD Law’s 9th Dean, Kevin Cole, informed alumni in New York and DC of the pending news within the past few days.

Stephen Ferruolo

The search process for a new Dean took longer than anticipated.  The Dean Search Committee initially named three finalists, who came to campus in January for a series of meet-and-greets and informational sessions with faculty and students.  A recommendation was made, an offer was given, a name was withdrawn (who really knows what happened?), and in April, the school announced that it had expanded its search to include three additional finalists.  An April 27th Motions article proclaimed that the “expanded pool now includes an even more diverse group of individuals . . . ,” but I’m not really clear on what they meant by “diverse,” because the Search Committee added 3 new white guys to the original pool of 3 white guys.  Ohh…I get it: diverse backgrounds.  How silly of me!  In any case, Mr. Ferruolo was chosen out of the new pool, and I’m sure he’ll lead USD Law capably and admirably.

A former Rhodes Scholar, Mr. Ferruolo is the Founding Partner and Chair of the Goodwin Proctor, LLP San Diego Office.  Prior to law school, Mr. Ferruolo was a professor at Stanford University for nearly eight years. After attending Stanford Law School, Mr. Ferruolo was a judicial law clerk and associate at O’Melveny and Myers in Los Angeles. Soon after, Mr. Ferruolo received a position with Heller Ehrman, LLP in its Palo Alto and San Diego offices. After a mere four years of work with Heller Ehrman, he became a partner—the earliest promotion in firm history. He co-chaired both the Life Sciences and Corporate departments. While at Heller Ehrman, Mr. Ferruolo also worked as an adjuct professor at Stanford Law School. In 2007, Mr. Ferruolo became a partner at Goodwin Proctor.

Mr. Ferruolo’s firm bio is here.  Please join us in welcoming him as the new Dean of the University of San Diego School of Law, and here’s hoping that he’ll bring positive change and a fresh outlook to the premier legal institution in San Diego!


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USD School of Law Dean Search Finalists

Posted by demkid on December 24, 2010

Got this email the other day from Mary Jo Wiggins, Associate Dean and Chair of the Dean Search Committee:

The University of San Diego School of Law Dean Search Committee is pleased to announce the finalists in the search for the next Dean of the School of Law:

Robert B. Ahdieh Associate Dean of Faculty & Professor of Law Director, Center on Federalism & Intersystemic Governance, Emory University School of Law

Nicholas W. Allard Partner and Co-Chair, Public Policy & Administrative Law Department, Patton Boggs, LLP Washington, D.C.

Lawrence E. Mitchell Theodore Rinehart Professor of Business Law Executive Director, Center for Law, Economics & Finance, The George Washington University Law School

These finalists will be visiting the USD campus in January 2011 for meetings with law school and university constituencies, as well as law school alumni. Schedules for the on-campus visits are forthcoming.

We thank you for your participation and support in what is one of the most important decisions for the future of USD School of Law School.

USD Law’s current dean is Kevin Cole, who announced that he’ll be resigning his position as of next summer.  He’s been a member of the faculty since 1987 and dean since 2006.  The first obvious thing about this trio is that they’re all men.  A quick Google search to brush up on my School of Law history shows that there’s only been one female dean in the school’s 56 years.  This was Kristine Strachan, who served from 1989-97.  Between Strachan and Cole was Daniel Rodriguez, who was the youngest dean when he was named in 1998.  I’m sure all three finalists are top-notch candidates, but it would have been nice to see a female receive strong consideration.

After a quick look at the finalists’ CVs, I have to say that I was pretty darn impressed by Ahdieh, in particular.  If I have my years right, he’s still in his late-30s, and his experience, honors, and publications are exceptional.  He also worked briefly for Arlen Specter, and that gets bonus points from me!  Here is Professor Ahdieh’s faculty page at Emory Law.  Check it out.

Whatever the search committee decides, the new dean will be charged with continuing the School of Law’s upward trend in the US News rankings.  While the dean may not have much personal control here, enhancing the school’s reputation should be at or near the top of his list of responsibilities.  Dean Cole should be commended for his work in this area, as USD currently holds its highest rank ever in the annual rankings, just outside of Tier 1 status.  Perhaps Top-50 awaits under new leadership!

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The Dangers of Law School

Posted by demkid on May 1, 2009

The following is a message from our Dean.  Apparently, a student (presumably an undergrad) recently tested positive for Influenza A here on campus, although it has yet to be determined if this is the dreaded Swine Flu. 


Dear student,

We have received several questions from students about the status of final exams and commencement activities in light of the recent news about a suspected case of H1N1 (Swine Influenza A) on campus.  At this point, exams and commencement activities will proceed as scheduled.  However, we are developing a contingency plan so that exams may continue in the event that we are instructed by the University to close the campus.  Please check the H1N1 information site on a regular basis for the latest information and other important links.  In the meantime, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the law school and the LRC.  Furthermore, if it would make you feel more comfortable, this year you can bring personal hand sanitizer into examination rooms and wear a mask.  Please visit Center for Disease Control H1N1 for more information about H1N1 and tips on how to stay healthy.  It is our first priority is to ensure you can complete your coursework in a safe, healthy environment.  If you have any questions or concerns, JD students should contact Dean Carrie Wilson and LL.M. students should contact Dean Teresa O’Rourke.


Dean Kevin Cole


I really don’t have a lot to say about this message, as I think it speaks for itself.  However, I’m just so, so glad that our administration is looking out for us in these seriously troubling times!  I do wonder what the “contingency plan” is.  How will it be safer taking an exam at X location, rather than at the law school?  Will I get to take my finals out on a boat, or something?  That would kick ass.  Additionally, I’m sure a last minute change in the location of exams would go off without a hitch!  In any case, thanks, Dean Cole, for sending out this message!  I’m now completely scared for my life and I don’t know how I’ll be able to muster up the courage to step foot in Warren Hall next week.  Good thing I’ll be bringing in a 200 ounce jar of Purell and will look like this!

I'm Ready to Take my Final, Now!

I'm Ready to Take my Final, Now!

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