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Not Good Enough for Starbuck’s

Posted by brightcoast on August 30, 2010

So, lately there has been much ado about law grads and new attorneys having to stoop to the level of getting jobs at coffee shops, ala Starbuck’s and the like. So I decided to check it out.

I applied to be a store manager. In addition to attaching my legal resume, I also wrote about my extensive food service and assistant manager experiences. Starbuck’s additionally requires a 60 minute trial run simulation, which tests out your judgment in hypothetical employee interaction situations, calculating simple math regarding profit-loss statements, answering basic questions about your work history, offering unique ideas in response to challenges or problems presented, and lastly about a 120 question survey regarding your “work style,” with several of the same sorts of thematic questions repeating themselves.

Lo and behold, I completed my application and the simulation, and received a rejection email within hours. Ooooh the burn.


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