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Some Bar Study Reflection

Posted by brightcoast on June 2, 2010

Here are some random thoughts from studying for the Bar:

– Is the new AZ Immigration Law, which I will never have time to read, especially before the Bar Exam, preempted under Federal law, under the theory of field preemption? (And therefore unconstitutional)

– What self-respecting “Generation Next”-er, I think we’re considered generation x? Not sure. Anyway, what person from this generation, which I’m assuming is the 18-36-ish demographic, confuses a “grande coffee” for a “venti vanilla latte.” Seriously.

– Unlike many unpleasantries in life where the cliché is to not wish it upon your worst enemy, I would in fact wish this upon my worst enemy. Only worst enemies should have to endure three months of torture–especially during a San Diego summer.

– I find it humorous that the “characters” on The Hills would be considered “public figures” for defamation purposes.

– Random recommendations for Barbri: Apple really needs to develop a BarBri app for the ipad, not just for the ipod, just saying. Also, while it’s awesome that the CMR is available for the MBE subjects, having the CMR for all subjects would be even awesome-r. In fact, the less heavy green books I have to carry around would be better. Other than that, loving BarBri- to the extent it is humanly possible to love anything remotely related to studying for the CA Bar Exam.

– I’ve often seen status updates to the effect of “why does strange person sit in the table next to me when the rest of the entire library is empty?” Maybe because strange person is in desperate need of human contact from being stuck inside studying all day.

– Lastly, for those of you who know what I’m talking about, I have two questions for you: 1) If you throw your purse into the shark tank at Sea World, are you guilty of murder; and 2) Is Ursula committing tortious interference with Ariel’s contract? (ok so I borrowed the material 😉


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