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Thought Police Finally on the Internet

Posted by brightcoast on March 16, 2010

Story here about the feds spying on criminals online. My opinion, either don’t be dumb enough to commit a crime, flee, then post your location on the internet, or learn how to make your profile private. It’s funny, because it’s not the case of a person being investigated as a possible suspect for committing a crime, but a guy who literally already has been charged. The obvious issue is the lack of a clear moral, discernible line, between using the information for good and using it for ill. E.g. framing someone, making incorrect or illegal inferences, etc. However, I must say that the law doesn’t discuss the FRE, which should play an important role in a discussion of this nature. For example,  just like pretending to be someone’s cell mate and having them confess a crime to you, having someone pretend to be someone else on a social networking site doesn’t seem that far off. The fact that agents violate the cites’ user policies isn’t really relevant to the determination of whether their information gathering should be condemned.

 Big Brother is watching you.


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