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Should the MA Outcome Worry CA Dems?

Posted by demkid on January 19, 2010

In short, yes.  If a moderate Republican can beat a business-as-usual Democrat in what could be considered the bluest of blue states, someone like Barbara Boxer could be in for a serious fight in November.  Granted, Massachusetts has a high percentage of so-called “independents,” and Martha Coakley (or should I say Choakley?) couldn’t have run a more pathetic campaign, but California Democrats shouldn’t just assume that anyone with a “D” at the end of their name will automatically win in the Golden State.  While registered Democrats in California outnumber Republicans by about 15 points, on the whole, this state is still fairly moderate.  On the other hand, an engaged conservative movement could actually help a liberal senator like Boxer in the end.  She’ll have her best chance if Republicans put through a conservative candidate like Chuck Devore, but it should be noted that in recent polls, she still doesn’t poll over 50% against even him!  It will definitely be an interesting election season, and the Democratic Party better get going, or else a year from now we’ll have Governor Whitman and Senator Fiorina.

“We better get our act together – and quickly,” Newsom said. Voters “are so angry. They don’t feel that we’re paying attention to their needs, in terms of their jobs, and what’s going on at the grassroots, in their neighborhoods.”

For Boxer, a favorite Republican target, a GOP win in Massachusetts would be a particularly dark sign representing “not just the canary in the coal mine,” said Wade Randlett, a leading Silicon Valley fundraiser for Obama. “It’s the flock of dead ravens landing on the lawn.”


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