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Sallie Mae

Posted by brightcoast on January 8, 2010

Seriously, I am on hold with Sallie Mae for maybe the 6th time since I applied for my Bar Study Loan in AUGUST. Apparently they are incapable of loaning to creditworthy customers who are actually willing to pay back the 10% interest, or whatever ridiculous APR they are charging.

What is the problem? I don’t know, they don’t know either. At first it was we are waiting to hear back from financial aid, then it was oh we need a transcript, eventhough we never mentioned that to you before. Then, it was oh actually you can’t send a transcript because you are still in school. Great, glad I wasted $5 and my time. I was on hold an additional 45 minutes the last time I called them.

You’d think that lenders would actually want to keep customers, apparently not. Let’s just hope they can get it together so that I can actually pay for the Bar Exam this century.

Update: They cancelled my loan because the credit information expired. Pure genius!

Additional update: On the phone for over an hour so far, problem still not fixed. Asked my income: $0; checking?: $0; savings: $0. Re you employed?: (thinking, oh yes and I work for free), No. Great it’ll just be another 2 days before you can get off the phone…


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