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Strangest CL Posting So Far

Posted by brightcoast on December 17, 2009

Daniel Kowan was a research associate at Clinton, Struck and Moss, a firm representing defendants in product liability cases. Clinton, Struck and Moss is based in The City. OK, not The City. San Jose.

Clinton, Struck and Moss has its offices in a 1920s mission style home near the Rose Garden. The old house, and its lawns and gardens, are nice enough. Parking is a pain in the ass, it’s hard for clients to find, and there’s nothing decent to eat in the neighborhood.

Daniel provides support to the firm’s attorneys defending corporations against claims of negligence in product design, manufacturing and packaging. Daniel, a self-identified liberal and champion of the common man, isn’t particularly conflicted by this. In fact, he takes a secret satisfaction representing “the enemy.” He enjoys the irony of being a double agent. When his university classmates were looking for internships in environmental law, intellectual property, and entertainment law, Daniel sought out firms that represented tobacco and oil companies.

Just last month, Daniel had been recognized for his work on a case in which a client had been accused of manufacturing an electric stapler with a tendency to spring open on its own and fire off a few dozen rounds of staples into the air when positioned at a certain angle. Daniel had found prior cases in other industries in which defendants were able to secure a dismissal by claiming users of dangerous devices have a safety obligation of their own, and manufacturers alone can not be expected to anticipate all the scenarios under which such a device might be used. Further, no deaths had occurred, and only three people received serious eye injuries, even though the company had shipped several hundred thousand staplers, which was well below acceptable rates for workplace injuries.

Daniel wasn’t thinking about electric staplers. He was thinking about the 19-year-old Goth chick behind the counter at ShittyMart. The name of the store was actually CityMart, which Daniel found too cosmopolitan, and he was fond of inventing his own names for things anyway.

He had a thing for Goth chicks. Had she given him more than a courtesy smile this morning as he stopped for breakfast? He was certain she was interested at some level. Most days he wore a suit to work, which he reasoned might be a barrier, her with her black jeans and t-shirt. He hadn’t said anything to her this morning, other than “thank you,” nor had he any other morning for nearly a year. Perhaps tomorrow would be the day he came up with something clever to say, though probably not.

The clock on the wall indicated something like 3:39. It was analog, making it nearly useless for displaying the precise time. Daniel decided he would leave at 4:42, the displacement in cubic inches of a certain classic Olds engine. He believed that certain numbers brought with them good fortune.

Daniel looked at the clock on his computer, and at 4:40, he shut it down. He gathered his things, and walked slowly to the door, looking at the time on his phone, making sure to walk out at exactly 4:42.



11 Responses to “Strangest CL Posting So Far”

  1. Anastasia said

    I just saw this post and googled the title and found your blog. How bizarre is that post? I’m so confused that I almost want to email the author. . . almost.

  2. Anastasia said

    just found the explanation further down the google results page:

  3. well I figured it was probably too inappropriate of a way for an actual recruitment, hah

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