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Change in Federal Marijuana Policy

Posted by brightcoast on October 19, 2009

I usually avoid blogging about this topic, but I think the Administration’s new policy completely makes sense. Let’s not waste federal resources to pursue people who are in clear and unambiguous compliance with state law. This sort of cooperative federalism seems to additionally support the SCOTUS’s announced views of letting the states experiment with new policies (e.g. gay marriage, etc.) without the feds getting involved until there’s a consensus clear enough for them to take action–within the limits of the Constitution of course. But the commerce clause argument seems like a no brainer.


2 Responses to “Change in Federal Marijuana Policy”

  1. Scalia the Great said

    What is this commerce clause argument you speak of? Surely the states aren’t confining their elicit drug use to their own metes and bounds; Cali is a distributor for a “big importer” and the stuff is on the loose well into interstate commerce 🙂

  2. right. The Commerce Clause is a potential justification for federal regulation of Marijuana. What’s the question?

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