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The Right’s Continuing Artistic Incompetence

Posted by demkid on October 13, 2009

If you’re a fan of people on the right attempting to accomplish things above their intelligence level and falling short, you’ll remember this story from a year ago about the girl who claimed she was assaulted by a black Obama supporter who carved a “B” into her face.  Turns out, she was looking into a mirror when she carved the letter into her own face, and didn’t realize it would be flipped around when viewed by an outside observer.  Oops!

Well, almost a year later, we have this shining example of artistic stupidity:

Close, but not quite.

Close, but not quite.

Last night, some dumbass(es) carved this into the 18th hole of the Lakeville Country Club in Lakeville, MA.  Of course, police and the Secret Service are investigating.  I saw this story linked to on the Drudge Report, with the headline, “Swastika and Obama carved into green at golf course…”  Many other news outlets are likewise reporting that the symbol is a swastika.  Unfortunately for the lamebrain trespasser(s), Drudge, and other sources, the attempt missed the mark a bit.  From the above-linked story:

Police believe the vandals meant to carve a swastika next to President Barack Obama’s name on the 18th hole; however, the symbol was backwards and means hope and peace in some Eastern countries.

Actually, the carved symbol can actually be referenced as a swastika, but it isn’t the one associated with the Nazis, which is a right-facing swastika.  The current carving can be more properly referred to as a sauwastika.  In any case, the point is, before defacing any property with some half-hearted attempt at a political hate message, you might want to doublecheck that what you’re carving is, in fact, the Nazi symbol and not a symbol for hope and peace.


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