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Happy Birthday to Us!

Posted by demkid on September 30, 2009

This month (September 17th, to be exact) marked this blog’s first birthday, and I think it’s been a particularly fun, entertaining, and successful year.  We launched just in time for the run up to the election, and had an enjoyable time discussing all things political as we watched history unfold.  I didn’t do that poorly in my election predictions, but unfortunately overestimated the voters of California when it came to equal rights for all.  By far our most successful post during the past year (and not likely to be topped) was the one back in April that helped break the 2010 U.S. News Law School Rankings.  That post received thousands upon thousands of hits, and still continues to be popular!  It just goes to show how much those rankings matter to people, and how a blog can get massive hits if linked to by highly-visited sites.  We were lucky that the main point of that popular post was the huge jump in the rankings by our esteemed school, the University of San Diego School of Law.  I’m glad that we were able to bring such positive publicity to the school.

Speaking of positive publicity, one of our goals is to serve as a quality reflection on the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of USD Law.  We hope that we’ve done that over the past year through our writing and overall quality of the blog, and further hope that The Bright Coast will continue to be a good representation of the institution, at least in small part.  We’re glad to be prominently linked to on the school’s new site, and we realize that prospective students read our posts on a regular basis.  Of course, one of our other main goals is to serve as a sort of progressive counterweight to the views expressed by four of our distinguished professors over at The Right Coast (also linked to on the new site.)  As is easy to surmise, we thought that there was just too much misguided conservatism emanating from Warren Hall, and that the situation needed to be evened out just a bit.  We will improve our efforts to keep Smith, Rappaport, and Co. in check over the next year, and look forward to at least some give-and-take.  (While we have them prominently displayed on our site, they have yet to really acknowledge our presence in any way.  We’re hoping that changes in the year to come!)  Afterall, I sincerely think that people are interested in something more than “Does Obama hate America?”  That kind of stuff quickly gets old and predictable, and I hope that our presence as the “Bright” alternative to the “Right” will improve the quality of the commentary over there.  (I can only keep my fingers crossed!)

So, thanks to the thousands of you who have checked us out in the past year (82,000 hits and counting!)  We hope that you’ll continue to stop by in the year to come, if only to get your fix of intelligent, progressive, usually humorous commentary on issues that may or may not be important to you!  Furthermore, don’t forget to check out our new Twitter page for daily, less meaningful quips on the stories of the day.


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  1. well said my friend

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