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New FDA Marketing Regs?

Posted by brightcoast on September 16, 2009

So I began to notice with the “Yasmin” follow up commercial–you know the one that is like 2 minutes long and is merely a girl discussing side effects–that it seems like there must be some sort of slapping on the wrist by the FDA going on with big drug companies.

Then yesterday I saw two commercials, one for Restasis (the eye drops), and one for the new prescription mascara that grows your eyelashes (by prescription only–I guess akin to prescription only Botox) which may change the pigment of your irises, that both of the spokespeople were compensated users of the products. Allegedly in the Restasis commercial, the dr. is actually a real doctor, and also a patient. Which reminds me of the Hair Club for Men commercials, but that is another story.

I’ve never seen the compensated spokespeople caption in a pharma commercial before, only in those pyramid scheme or wonderproduct infomercials, so I am wondering whether there has been some massive new legislation passed or implemented with more stringent requirements. Off to wiki…


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