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Posted by brightcoast on August 19, 2009

Started watching the latest Netflix arrival, W., last night. Probably the last for a while, once the semester gets started next Monday. Still have about half to go.

My thoughts thus far, Josh Brolin is amazing, as he was in Milk and No Country for Old Men, also fantastic films. However, there are two glaring critiques I have. First, no matter how much I dislike W. it is hard for me to believe that this is an accurate depiction–Brolin really makes you hate the character. Second, while he does an over the top job of creating a life-like detestable republican, he delivers complex lines at lightning speed, also unlike the man he is supposedly portraying.

On the positive side, I really like Elizabeth Banks as Mrs. Bush, and Dreyfussas the detestable and incredibly sinister Cheney. Powell, Rice, and Rumsfeld seem to be the “voices of reason” in the film, however the portrayal is more akin to what I would imagine it would be like having Democrats in the Cabinet, due to their sometimes over the top disagreement with what is being proposed, especially Powell.

The Torture Memo even makes an appearance.

ETA: The first half was much more interesting than the second. Not sure when the film was finished, but with Operation Iraqi Freedom as the focal point, there’s not much more they could (did) develop.


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