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2010 US News Rankings – Top Colleges Edition!

Posted by demkid on August 19, 2009

In the spirit of this blog being one of the first to break the law school rankings earlier this year, I can do my best to follow suit with the less-thrilling college rankings, even though it’s only 6 hours before they’re officially released online.  Unlike the law rankings, it seems like the college rankings never have position changes of more than 1-2 spots from year to year.  Pretty boring.  Anyway, here’s the thread someone posted earlier this morning on a discussion site called College Confidential.  No big shockers, but I’m pleased to say that my alma mater, the University of California, once again comes in as the number 1 public university in the country.  Go Bears!  By the way, US News is totally biased against publics, and that’s why we’re always hovering around #21 overall with the sixth-best peer assessment score.  The Top 25:

1. Harvard
1. Princeton
3. Yale
4. Caltech
4. MIT
4. Stanford
4. UPenn
8. Columbia
8. Chicago
10. Duke
11. Dartmouth
12. Northwestern
12. Washu – StL
14. Hopkins
15. Cornell
16. Brown
17. Emory
17. Rice
17. Vanderbilt
20. Notre Dame
21. Berkeley
22. Carnegie Mellon
23. Georgetown
24. UCLA
24. UVA

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