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Healthcare Basics

Posted by brightcoast on August 13, 2009

I read something recently where a person was “praising their pastor,” for criticizing the healthcare plan, by stating that all people were important. This particular person was referring to the alleged end of life, and I assume by the further sentiments, the potential for abortion funding. I haven’t seen any of the language of the proposed bills, so I can’t tell you if either of these alleged provisions have been suggested. I can tell you, however, that greater access to healthcare, means that more people will be served, resulting in (hopefully) more lives saved.

Certain groups like to focus on the fact that increased availability means increased demand on the system, with no change in supply, potentially creating a shortage. There are two things I have to say about that. 1) More insurance means more preventative care, meaning that people will go to their doctors before they get really sick or need some life saving surgery, which in itself creates healthcare savings by decreases in unnecessary visits to the emergency room; and 2) as far as I know/have heard, there has been no proposal to eliminate the private insurance system, but merely a proposal to supplement it for those who cannot afford the $400+/mo we pay as INDIVIDUALS in California. Thus, again making assumptions as I haven’t seen the text, those who do not need the assistance are still free to pick whomever they want and pay whatever they want for whatever benefits they want, it is only those who have nothing that will actually now have some sort of healthcare option.

Also, healthcare insurance is entirely separate from healthcare providers. As far as I know even those in the U.K. who all have access to the national healthcare system are still free to elect a private provider…



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