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Invitation for Education re Palin

Posted by brightcoast on July 5, 2009

So I got some personal comments from friends regarding their take on the “Palin situation,” but I was hoping perhaps some of you out there could give me your take.

I get that she’s in a lame duck situation, meaning that she can no longer count on forwarding her agenda. My question, however, is why she can’t shift her approach and attempt to compromising at perhaps achieving some of the things that she wants to accomplish.

Why throw in the towel because things are difficult. Would she have done the same thing if McCain would have won yet both Houses would have been controlled by her opposing party?

Obviously it was her decision to make, and you’d hope that it is actually what’s best for Alaska, but I can’t understand the logic of running for office, then deciding to quit when things get difficult. I think she would have maintained a lot more respect if she would have fought it out to the end.


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