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Umm, Probable Cause?

Posted by brightcoast on July 21, 2009

I can’t figure it out.


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Protect the UC

Posted by demkid on July 13, 2009

I recently received this letter in my inbox, and think it should be viewed by as many people as possible…not just by UC alums, not just by citizens of California, but by all who care about and cherish the importance of quality, affordable education.  The UC is the country’s best educational system, and it seems that the powers that be never get this when they’re trying to get the state’s budget in order.  Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

The core money UC receives from taxpayers, via Sacramento, goes to the nuts and bolts of higher education, everything from paying professors to lighting laboratories. But it also establishes the institutional foundation needed to attract the research grants and endowments that enhance the mission and burnish the University’s international status.

Over time it’s been money well-spent. Of the more than 4,000 higher education institutions in the nation, only 60 research universities, public and private, have been judged worthy of membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities. The UC has six members. No other state system has more than one.

In turn, the University has given back to California, not only by educating generations of high-achieving Californians, but also through its triumphs of research. From better ways to grow tomatoes to the birth of biotech, from viticulture to cancer treatments, UC campuses have been incubators of countless scientific and product breakthroughs that add quality to California life and invigorate its economy. For 15 years in a row, UC has developed more patents than any other university in the country.

This is what’s put at risk as state support shrinks. In the end, there are two choices: excellence or mediocrity. While a mediocre UC might cost less in the short term, over time it will enforce on society its own ledger of taxes. Top professors and researchers will begin to drift away, taking with them the best students. Pools of grant money will recede. The engines of invention will sputter.

The UC should be the last institution harmed by Sacramento politicians.  To double state prison funding and leave the investment in the University equal in real dollars in the past decade is pathetic.  Some people wonder why this country is falling behind, but it really shouldn’t be too difficult to figure that out.

On a related note, I just saw this article, about how the budget problems are jeopardizing more specific, highly-acclaimed programs, like UCDC.  Sad.  This state cares more about prisoners and illegals than perhaps its most meaningful asset.

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Sickening Case of Neglect

Posted by brightcoast on July 8, 2009

Not  for the faint of heart.

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Invitation for Education re Palin

Posted by brightcoast on July 5, 2009

So I got some personal comments from friends regarding their take on the “Palin situation,” but I was hoping perhaps some of you out there could give me your take.

I get that she’s in a lame duck situation, meaning that she can no longer count on forwarding her agenda. My question, however, is why she can’t shift her approach and attempt to compromising at perhaps achieving some of the things that she wants to accomplish.

Why throw in the towel because things are difficult. Would she have done the same thing if McCain would have won yet both Houses would have been controlled by her opposing party?

Obviously it was her decision to make, and you’d hope that it is actually what’s best for Alaska, but I can’t understand the logic of running for office, then deciding to quit when things get difficult. I think she would have maintained a lot more respect if she would have fought it out to the end.

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Adrienne Suarez’s Code of Ethics for Female Attorneys

Posted by brightcoast on July 5, 2009

Saw this posted by one of my fellow female law student’s pages in my status update page on fb, from  Feminist Law Profs

Ms. JD reports (here) on Adrienne Suarez’s “Code of Ethics for Female Attorneys.”

 1. I pledge to respect the female attorneys who came before me, because their paths were steeper, rougher, and unfamiliar. I pledge to respect the female attorneys who come after me, even though their paths may be gentler, smoother, and well worn. We are all traveling down the same path.

 2. I pledge to continue to make the way even smoother for future female attorneys. While women make up 51% of the United States population, we constitute 47% of law students, 32% of lawyers in the legal profession, 18% of partners in private firms and general counsel for Fortune 500 companies, and this figure has remained static since the mid-1990s. (Statistics drawn from reports published here). Clearly, we still have work to do.

3. As a woman, I will not judge other female attorneys who have come before me or who will come after me for (1) getting married; (2) not getting married; (3) having children; (4) not having children; (5) or making any other major life decisions because of, or in spite of, balancing a legal career.

4. Given the choice of being a mentor or a tormentor to a younger, less experienced female attorney, I actively choose to be a mentor. When a younger, less experienced female attorney comes to me with a question or for advice, I will not revel in how much more I know than she; I will share that knowledge and experience.

5. There are no “dues” that a younger, less experienced female attorney needs to pay to me. I will not waste my time minding tollbooths when I have a ways down the path yet to go myself.

6. In the game of law, I will help younger, less experienced female attorneys as though we were playing leapfrog, not red rover.

7. I recognize that even though we may be of the same sex, I will not like every female attorney I meet. I pledge, however, not to call her a “bitch,” or any other name powerful because of its misogynist origins.

8. If my voice is louder or carries more weight, then I will speak up for my fellow female attorneys’ needs, like a flexible schedule, even if those are not my personal needs at the moment.

9. I pledge to reach out, through pro bono service, to the women in my community who need a lawyer’s help, who admire that that lawyer is another woman, and who appreciate how that woman may understand their problems and resolve them justly.

10. I pledge to be me. There is a younger female attorney out there who sees herself in me. I pledge to succeed for her.

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LOL to the nth degree

Posted by brightcoast on July 3, 2009

Courtesy of “Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook.”

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Palin’s Resignation

Posted by brightcoast on July 3, 2009

I seriously don’t get it.

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