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Apparently You Can’t Outrun Swine Flu!

Posted by demkid on April 28, 2009

That was going to be my strategy, until I watched this pair of PSAs from 1976:

Being that there’s no shot for this current strain of swine flu, I guess we’re just all doomed.  At least, that’s what I’m getting from a quick survey of the cable news networks.  Is it just me, or is the coverage of this WAY out of control?  There has yet to be one death from swine flu in this country, and it seems like those who have gotten it here have recovered fairly quickly.  Yet, the media is making it seem like it’s on everyone’s doorstep, ready to strike at a moment’s notice!  How about we all just settle down, wash our hands, cover our coughs, and take this as just one more reason not to travel to Mexico.

Returning to the PSAs, this is what happened when the government (President Ford) overreacted to that instance of swine flu.  30 people died from the shot, while just one died from the flu itself.  They didn’t even have Twitter back then to help aid the panic!  Oh, and by the way, in reference to the second PSA, what does poor Dottie dying of a heart condition have to do with anything?!  “Yes, you can spread the swine flu, even if it’s right before you kick the bucket.”  Or, alternatively, “Yes, you can get swine flu from your friend, even though her heart gave out and she’s now dead.”

PS – Wesley Pruden at the Washington Times pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.  I also found this story quite funny.  Ryanair’s boss says that unless you’re an Asian or Mexican slumdweller, you should be perfectly safe from swine flu.  This comes from the guy who wants to make you pay to use the lavatory while in flight.  (Not every thought of his is dumb, though…I did fly Ryanair from Barcelona to Holland for like 10 bucks each way!)


One Response to “Apparently You Can’t Outrun Swine Flu!”

  1. brightcoast said

    I’m sure articles like this certainly won’t make people panic.

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