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I’d like an albino baby with red eyes and a side order of purple teeth

Posted by etechx on April 22, 2009

Hmm…I like it every time the Vatican opens its big brass doors and says something about science. The latest is how we should oppose gene technology because it will lead to racism (Something about how parents will choose their baby’s eye color, etc). They also argue it could possibly lead to an evolutionary change and the end result might resemble something less human. Additionally, they claim (I’m reading between the lines here) that those who can’t afford this technology will be deemed inferior. One aspect that is completely ignored is how many children will be given the chance at a normal life and free from some horrible genetic disease. If parents really want to spend gobs of money to choose their children’s eye color who cares? And as to an inferior race, I think that’s hog wash. Think about how many parents can’t afford proper healthcare for their kids today? How about we look at helping them out, maybe this one time genetic modifications might prove beneficial and more affordable. And heck if your kid gets picked on because you didn’t do the hipster thing and get them with purple eyes…it’s all part of growing up.


7 Responses to “I’d like an albino baby with red eyes and a side order of purple teeth”

  1. hmm...ineedtogetalife said

    “free from a some horrible genetic disease”? Maybe they could be free from that disease that prevents you from forming a coherent sentence.

    “I think that’s hog wash.” Oh good, then no need to back up your argument in any way whatsoever.

  2. brightcoast said

    Genetic counseling (or modification) probably differs little in theory from selecting sperm or egg donors on the basis of aesthetic & other qualities, though I suspect the same objections could be raised to both.

  3. hmm... said

    ilikeiteverytimeyoumakemistakes: Oh that’s clever! That’s the kind of talent that will really help you when you’re doing insurance defense work. Hahahahahahaha.

  4. brightcoast said

    A job’s a job 😉
    In the meantime, pleasekeepyourpassiveagressivefakenamelessthan20charactersorwewilledit

  5. im still very weary of allowing genetic manipulation. I like the possibility that we could eliminate genetic diseases and allow people to have a “normal” life. However, gaming out the societal repercussions of allowing parents to select the characteristics of children seems impossible. Allowing the rich to select for the intellegence or athletic ability of children seems like it could lead to an even wider gap between the haves and have nots.

  6. Nick said

    There are legitimate concerns about genetic manipulation, as Gaucho points out. The problem I have with the Vatican’s approach–i.e.,”let’s not do research in the field because it could potentially be applied in terrible ways”–is that it assumes we have no ability to police ourselves. But the research is going to be done no matter what. Better that it occur in the mainstream, where we can regulate it and develop a consensus on where the outer limits should be.

  7. catholics molest children said

    I think it is ironic that one of the reasons the Catholic church cites is the effect genetic engineering will have on evolution…something the church doesn’t believe in.

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