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Since it’s that time of the year

Posted by brightcoast on April 21, 2009

I thought this was interesting. (I’m confused as to why is says SFLS in the headline, then USF in the body, so I am assuming it’s USF…)

However, I’m not with most of the commentators railing the student who emailed. First of all, how lame is it that the email was linked, so high school. Second, I too was under the mistaken belief that the speaker was selected based on grades, though this year the nomination/application process made it clear that it was not. I don’t really know how these things work out. I think it’s important to take “accomplishments” into consideration, but at the same time it’s probably also important 1) who people actually want to hear from; and 2) that whoever is speaking is actually interesting/engaging enough to hold your attention. And if the (alleged) speakers this year are any indication, or others I know who were initially nominated, I think USD’s system is working just fine.


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