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USD Law Jumps in 2010 US News Rankings

Posted by demkid on April 20, 2009

After some painful years living in the doldrums of the US News rankings, the University of San Diego School of Law has made the largest one-year jump in its history of being ranked.  USD rose from #82 to #61 on the newest list, which has just been leaked online.  This jump is also the largest of any school in the Top 100, and brings the School of Law back to within striking distance of the Top 50.  US News will post the official rankings on their website later this week. 

Also, for the first time, US News has separately ranked the 87 accredited law schools with part-time JD programs, and it’s more good news for USD.  The School of Law now officially has the 7th best part-time program in the country, and the best anywhere west of the Eastern Seaboard!  Finally, USD sneaks into the top 50 for school diversity, thanks in large part to all of my brilliant Asian classmates. 

So, all-in-all, great news (for a change!) when it comes to rankings.  I don’t know what the big jump can be attributed to, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it in the week to come.  Since Dean Cole took the brunt of the criticism for the huge drop a couple of years ago, I think it’s only fair to thank him for getting our school back to a higher position than before that drop even happened.  So, from the Bright Coast, thanks, Dean Cole!  With any luck, we could be well into the 50’s a year from now.

Here are pics of the 2010 rankings, thanks to  Our San Diego counterparts are both in Tier 4.  Other big gains are Indiana-Bloomington (23rd from 36th), UNC (30th from 38th), Davis (35th from 44th), Lewis & Clark (61st from 73rd), Georgia State (65th from 77th), Penn State (65th from 77th), Louisiana State (75th from 88th), Denver (77th from 88th), and SUNY-Buff (85th from 100).  Significant drops are George Washington (28th from 20th), Boulder (45th from 32nd), Baylor (65th from 55th), Chicago-Kent (77th from 66th), Seton Hall (77th from 66th), and Indiana-Indy (87th from 68th).  Other CA schools are as follows: Stanford (3rd), Berkeley (6th), UCLA (15th), USC (18th), Davis (35th), Hastings (39th), Pepperdine (55th), Loyola (71st), Santa Clara (85th), and USF (98th – congrats on being back in the Top 100!). 

Specialty rankings and tiers 3 and 4 are here and here.  Looks like the three schools ranked 100 are also listed in Tier 3.  Huh??

Thanks to The Faculty Lounge for linking to us!

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43 Responses to “USD Law Jumps in 2010 US News Rankings”

  1. USNEWS said

    This is from TLS originally. Please give the posters over there credit for their hard work

    The scanned rankings are in that thread

  2. demkid said

    I did! That’s the link I used in the post, and I thanked them, as well. One more time, though? Sure. Thanks, TLS!

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  5. Theta Chia Pet said

    Boner is that you? Are you the demkid behind TBC??

  6. Theta Chia Pet said

    What schools rank in the Phoenix 5?

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  8. Michael said

    Great news! I don’t think USD Law has been in the 60s since I applied back in 2003 (the school leaped into the 80s in the 2005 US News rankings). I graduated in 07′ — would you be able to help an alumni out with a link to my blog, Please feel welcome to submit comments.

    Many thanks

  9. Grain of Salt Maybe? said

    Considering that there are many hoaxes every year, maybe you should tone down the unbridled enthusiasm?

  10. brightcoast said

    That’s not the only grain of salt I would take the rankings with. How about the fact that they aren’t truly reflective of each school’s strengths. See, e.g.

  11. I stumbled upon your blog (and the other one that’s nameless) and I am very impressed. As a 1977 USD-Law graduate, I’m also pleased. It’s terrific that both USD’s right and left have strong voices in the blogosphere – many higher education institutions lean way left and the right voice isn’t heard as much as it should be. I landed here because of your piece on rankings. So I will add two comments: it’s nice to see USD moving up and your blog is well written and put together. One criticism, if you call it that – why don’t you reveal your names?

  12. brightcoast said

    Glad you found us & thanks! We don’t reveal our names because several of us (if not all) either have been in classes with or are currently in classes with Right Coasters. Thus, we feel remaining anonymous will keep our speech less restricted.

  13. Respectfully, I’m not sure I understand your answer. I trust you are not saying that being in classes with righties will enable them to prevent speech. Are you instead suggesting that you fear they will harass you on their blog site? I haven’t read through both blogs but couldn’t they be crass without knowing your names? Seriously, I don’t get it.

  14. brightcoast said

    I’m sure they wouldn’t. I’m saying that students feel more comfortable when they won’t be singled out for their often divergent points of view.

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  16. Michael said

    I agree, rankings should always be taken with a grain of salt. The dice rolled our way for once…Nonetheless the psychological effect of moving up the ladder (as oppose to down) is extremely positive. Thanks again for the link!

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  18. Sam Goble said

    I don’t understand the anonymity either. At this level of dialogue, people should back up thier words. Then again, I’m not sure I want any of my day to day comment/opinions quoted back to me by my local newspaper. Cool site. Congrats to this year’s grads.

  19. brightcoast said

    They are professors, and we are students in their classes, who receive grades from them…

  20. Larry said

    Too bad even a huge jump for USD still leaves it in the arbitrary rankings void of 30-100.

    It really won’t make any difference in USD’s job placements.

    USD career services quote “Cross your fingers you are in the top 5%”

  21. demkid said

    Well, we all can’t be privileged enough to go to school on New Jersey Ave, surrounded by bums.

  22. brightcoast said

    USD’s top 5-10% has no problem with job placement, it’s the rest of us who want to compete in the CA legal market that have to cross our fingers.

  23. Matt said

    One piece of information to pass on. This may not mean much to some, but the University of Nebraska’s Law school got inadvertently bumped from the 1st tier. This has been confirmed by US News to the school to those in the University of Nebraska Law school. Apparently, the wrong data was applied and they went from a top 70 law school down to the well below a top 100.

    But, apparently, the mistake was not discovered until it was too late to change the rankings. I’m not sure if they are going to publish a disclaimer or not, but expect NU’s law school to be back in the tier 1 list next year.

  24. brightcoast said

    Tier 1 is 1-50, Tier 2 is 51-100, so they got bumped from Tier 2 to 3?

  25. Pres said

    It’s nice to see it get a decent ranking. If job prospects were better, it would definitely be in the Top 50, as the student quality is in the top 50 and the professors are in the top 25. The library is great and the campus is gorgeous. The location is also great. If you’re a fan of LA, obviously UCLA and USC are better choices, but otherwise San Diego is probably the best place to live in the US.

    I graduated in ’08. When I applied I believe the school was in the 60s, as I’m fairly certain I otherwise would not have applied. I choked on the LSAT but I still has a solid score, and received better scholarship offers from comparable schools at the time (ranked 60s). I expected the school to continue increasing in rank to make my decision worthwhile, but instead the opposite happened as it took a huge nosedive after my first year or two.

    The rankings are essentially worthless once you’re out of the top 30 (and indeed, probably the top 20) but I’d still feel better with a top 50.

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  28. Nonetheless the psychological effect of moving up the ladder, hmmm

  29. […] on Fined for Homeschooling: The German Waypsychologue à domicile on USD Law Jumps in 2010 US News RankingsJeff Thomspn on USD’s faculty […]

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  34. gagner said

    Glad you found us & thanks! We don’t reveal our names because several of us (if not all) either have been in classes with or are currently in classes with Right Coasters. Thus, we feel remaining anonymous will keep our speech less restricted.

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