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Stick Around Awhile!

Posted by demkid on April 20, 2009

Now that our lovely little blog has been viewed by thousands of you in the past day (thanks of course to the US News post), I highly encourage you to come back and visit us from time to time!  In an extremely short period, we’ve become the fastest-growing blog on all of WordPress (at least for today) and the rankings post is among the top 10 overall.  Outside of helping break stories like this that lots of people are interested in, we also have intelligent things to say about a variety of other topics, from law to politics to economics to general happenings in San Diego.  So, if you like the fresh progressive perspective, or happen to be a rabid right-winger who wants to debate, stop by again!  We’ll try and make this page enjoyable for just about everyone, even you crazy libertarians.  🙂


One Response to “Stick Around Awhile!”

  1. I will.. Interesting site! I’ll invite you to come visit mine, also. Not much on politics, just some down home stories! You can even get’cha some free ice-cream and a hamburger while you are there! Thanks for sharing your blog.

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