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Posted by etechx on April 20, 2009

So apparently shaking Chavez’s hand was an appropriate response, but smiling … that crossed the line.  Really? I mean seriously? Apparently we don’t want a President, we want someone we can control down to their facial expressions, a George W. Bush 2.0 perhaps? I understand there are human rights violations going on in Venezuela, but this is making a big deal out of nothing. It’s not like President Obama was smiling with a thumbs up saying I approve what you are doing in Venezuela.   Maybe next time President Obama meets with the leader of a nation he should surround himself with attorneys who will tell him how to respond to any sudden movements the other leader makes.

*Chavez sneezes*…attorneys discuss….”Mr. President you must frown”. 

4 Responses to “Smile!”

  1. Nick said

    This is a nice site you have going here. I’d encourage you and your readers to check out my own blog at–if for no other reason than to support the endeavors of a fellow Torero (J.D., 2006)! In all seriousness, keep up the good work.

  2. Nick said

    Oops! Looks like I messed up that link. Here it is:

  3. brightcoast said

    np! We’re happy to reciprocally link any USD Law alum or affiliates

  4. fromherz said

    Excellent! You’re on my blogroll, too.

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