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Oracle buys Sun, but who really wins?

Posted by etechx on April 20, 2009

 In the server game it has always been the big four in hardware: HP, IBM, Sun and Dell.  However, IBM has always sold their hardware & software as a combined package (at a premium of course!). For years Oracle has been trying to get into the hardware side, and the acquisition of Sun finally lets them do that.   The acquisition of Sun puts Oracle into direct competition with IBM; however, I think that it might have left the door open for a third party software vendor to provide software to HP & Dell. While Oracle will continue to support HP & Dell, both these companies aren’t going to sit by and let Oracle sell additional servers by touting high integration as more desirable. Instead, they can do one of two things either create their own integrated package (which is incredibly costly) or approach someone like Microsoft to provide software for their servers.  While this move might be a game changer for Oracle, I suspect Microsoft (or some other lucky software vendor) will benefit more from this deal.   


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