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Leiter Rankings

Posted by brightcoast on April 16, 2009

Though I’d heard of the Leiter rankings for faculty, which places USD in the 20-somethings, I didn’t realize he also does school rankings, specifically by students. You can find the 2008 rankings here. It’s a pretty crude system, but at least it better reflects, IMO, where USD really compares. You can find a whole slew of information about USD on our wikipedia entry. I guess there is an entry for everything.


2 Responses to “Leiter Rankings”

  1. Hezzie said

    USD takes a major hit on the USNews rankings because of its job placement stats. It’s partly a weak CSO but mostly a result of geography. The SD legal market is obviously much smaller than say NY, (where, at least in years past, there were more than enough jobs to support graduates). IMO, thats how some crappy NY area schools are ranked much higher than USD – they (used to) score really well in the employment category. Also, most of the big SD firms don’t venture beyond the top 5% at USD and instead bring in students from national schools who are more than happy to relocate to SD.

    It’s too bad. The quality of teachers at USD is high. Perhaps some years of small, high LSAT-having kids would help them game the system.

  2. brightcoast said

    Hezzie, for some reason your comment was flagged as spam, hence the delayed posting. Don’t know why that is.

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