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Dreams of Mojitos in Havana

Posted by demkid on April 14, 2009

Cuba has been on my travel list for awhile, mainly because I’m so intrigued with seeing firsthand what the culture, people, and general lifestyle is like in this “forbidden” destination.  Oh, and I also think it’d be cool seeing ’57 Chevys being driven around on the streets.  Perhaps the dream of drinking a mojito in Havana is more conceivable now, after the Obama administration lifted some ancient restrictions on U.S. involvement with the island nation. 

I fully agree with Eugene Robinson in his article today in the Washington Post, found here.  I think the economic embargo and all remaining travel restrictions need to be lifted.  U.S. policy on Cuba is as dated as those Chevys that drive around down there.  Lifting all barriers is the clearest way to bring about lasting change to the communist country, and an influx of American business and tourists well help to significantly alter the dynamic there.  Actually, while I’m all for getting rid of the restrictions, I should probably make it to Cuba before McDonalds go up on every corner.  Gotta pull out my EU passport and look up flights from Canada, quick!


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