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Minnesotans Deserve Better

Posted by demkid on April 13, 2009

Remember Norm Coleman?  He’s the one who wanted Al Franken to concede the day after the election for U.S. Senate in Minnesota.  Just as a reminder:

Coleman urged Franken to waive his right to a recount, saying that the prospect of changing the result was remote and that a recount would be costly to taxpayers (about $86,000).  “I just think the need for the healing process is so important. … hopefully, you don’t have TV ads during an election recount,” Coleman said.

Today, more than 5 months after that statement and after a statewide recount, in fact, changed the result, a three-judge, tri-partisan panel has confirmed that Al Franken “received the highest number of votes legally cast” in the election, and “is therefore entitled to receive the certificate of election,” thereby making him Minnesota’s Junior Senator. 

So, you would think that Coleman, after dragging on his fight through this election contest and losing (by even more votes than when he started), would finally take his own advice and recognize the need for “healing,” and would gracefully step aside so that his fellow Minnesotans could be properly represented, right?  Wouldn’t that be the day!  Nope, Coleman and his team are now promising an appeal of the election contest to the Minnesota Supreme Court, and likely wouldn’t stop there after another adverse ruling.  Why are Norm Coleman and his GOP cohorts being such bastards to the people of Minnesota?  The answer is easy, of course.  The GOP doesn’t want that 59th Democratic vote in the Senate, as it would be that much easier for the Dems to break filibusters (needing only 1 Republican vote to prevail.)  If it means denying people accurate representation, then so be it. 

Minnesotans deserve better than this.  Al Franken will be the next senator from their state sooner or later, and the state GOP is only hurting itself the longer this thing continues.  Norm Coleman should be a man and do the right thing, but sadly, that won’t happen.  Fortunately, the three-judge panel seems to have done a thorough job in their opinion dismissing potential Coleman arguments he’d likely bring up on appeal.  This should hopefully make for a quicker appeals process, but I can only keep my fingers crossed on that one!

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