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More Baby Poison

Posted by brightcoast on March 13, 2009

Well this is just awesome. First it was the bottles and other plastic containers, and now baby shampoos and soaps are testing positive for formaldehyde and 1, 4 -dioxane.  The entire study can be found here. Granted, we don’t know at what levels, so I suppose we can credit that to the manufacturers, but the article specifically states that the FDA has not established safe levels of these chemicals in baby products. So, really, I think I would rather just put plain old soap on my baby and risk having to wash her eyes out with water. Seriously, it’s not like you would lather up the “tearless” shampoo on her eyes just because you can, you still use the same level of care.

What I really want to know is why the group only tested the large brand names. I wonder if it’s because they had information that these were the worst or merely because they are the most widely used, and thus most dangerous to the population. What is missing from the study is information about the smaller organic brands, do they contain the same chemicals– suggesting it truly is a result of the manufacturing process, or are the smaller brands safer? I’d like to know, and considering I won’t be setting up a lab any time soon, I suppose I will have to wait in apprehension, wondering what brands and products truly are “safe.”


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