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The Leader of the GOP: Who Cares?

Posted by demkid on March 3, 2009

It’s fun to see Republicans fighting, especially when the Republicans are the RNC Chair and Rush Limbaugh.  If you missed it, Michael Steele, the brand new head of the GOP (and, I believe, the only black member of the party) criticized Rush Limbaugh by referring to him as simply an entertainer, and calling his rhetoric “incendiary” and “ugly.”  Well, it’s easy to see that he’s new on the scene, because everyone knows that you can’t get away with saying anything negative about Rush!  After Steele’s remarks, Rush countered on his radio show by painting Steele as an amateur and stating that the RNC Chair wasn’t the leader of the Republican Party.  At the same time, Rush distanced himself from taking the reigns of the party by noting its sorry state and proclaiming that no one would want to lead something that was floundering so badly. 

So who’s the leader of the GOP?  Steele and Limbaugh would both make excellent heads…I think they should rule together!  Steele obviously is extremely weak, as he apologized to Rush for the statements he made, saying that he “realized the words that [he] said weren’t what [he] was thinking.”  Huh?  Yeah, I said something, but looking back on it now, my mind just must have been on Mars, at the time!  Then, you have Rush, who seems to only be capable of spewing negative rhetoric (“incendiary” and “ugly” would be two good words!) about anything non-right wing.  For instance, he recently stated that he hopes Obama and his policies will fail.  That’s the way to be uplifting in troubled times!  So, in conclusion, Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh fit perfectly together: one is weak, the other is negative, and they both can lead a party that is exceedingly both.

Oh, and I apologize to the GOP: J.C. Watts is also black!


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