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On Dogs and Deficits

Posted by demkid on February 27, 2009

If anyone’s noticed, the Wrong Coasters are getting really angry lately, and we’re only a month into the new administration!  What amuses me though, is that they’re finding the strangest things to get angry about, and they also seem to have an extremely selective memory.

First off is the criticism about the Obamas’ choice of a Portuguese Water Dog for the new White House pet.  Without the specific dog being selected, it’s already being tagged as “impossible to train, insane, and dangerous around children.”  Right…I’m sure that’s exactly what the First Lady is going for!  A quick look at the Wikipedia entry for PWDs paints a much softer picture: “Portuguese Water dogs make excellent companions.  They are loving, independent, and intelligent and are easily trained in obedience and agility skills.  Once introduced, they are generally friendly to strangers, and actively enjoy being petted, which, due to their soft, fluffy coats, is a favour that human beings willingly grant them.”  I have no doubt that the Obamas will select a dog that will fit in well with the family and won’t display much “embarrassing” behavior.  Now, speaking of embarrassing behavior, this is where the selective memory comes in.  The Wrong Coasters seem to have forgotten the most recent First Dog, Barney, and his actions in the waning days of the Bush presidency.  Far from being “generally friendly to strangers,” the Scottish terrier bit not one, but TWO people during the last weeks of the administration!  Talk about a stupid dog choice!  I’m sure the new First Dog will have 10 times the intelligence of Barney (dogs say something about their owners, afterall).  Have you seen those lame Bush Christmas videos?  Finally, criticizing the choice to get a rescue dog is just plain sad.  More often than not, abandonment occurs not because the dog has problems, but because the owner does!  The Obamas are setting a great example by choosing a rescue dog, and usually people have terrific experiences with their new companions.  Oh, and by the way, this is how the Bushes “cared for their dogs”:

Thanks for dropping me on my ass, George!

Thanks for dropping me on my ass, George!

Next, the doggie-hater’s companion posts on “The Liar in Chief.”  Hmm.  Far from “making the case” that President Obama deserves this title, the Wrong Coaster is quick to use angry rhetoric while seemingly forgetting that the president’s predecessor has already copyrighted that moniker!  Now, as far as the deficit discussion is concerned, the poster seems to be contrasting the 8-year presidency of the GOP’s savior, Ronald W. Reagan, with the 1-month presidency of Barack Obama.  The argument is that sure, Reagan ran deficits, but he used them to “win the Cold War and create a prosperous economy.”  But, what has President Obama done?  Not a whole heck of a lot!  But wait.  Isn’t the post about what a specific president does with the deficit?  It seems like the Wrong Coast is being far too quick to criticize a president whose time in office has been just 1% of the entire Reagan presidency.  Shouldn’t the anger be better directed at the guy who’s sitting at his ranch in Crawford right now for putting the new president in the situation to begin with?  Why so much anger at the guy who’s trying to do his best with the hand he’s been dealt?  Compared to the massive debt President Obama is inheriting, the debt Reagan inherited was laughable.  If Obama is able to turn things around in just 4 years, my hope is that the nice professors at that other blog will congratulate him wholeheartedly.  Alas, I’m sure they’ll just find something else to be pissed off about, like that ridiculous choice of a new First Dog.


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