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U.S. to Overturn Dover Ban

Posted by brightcoast on February 26, 2009

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know this ban existed. Although the politics behind doing so become immediately obvious. If footage of coffins is dominating news coverage, then it seems this would undoubtedly contribute to public perception regarding military decisions. I’m glad it is being overturned for this reason alone. I also believe the decision being left up to the individual families is a sensible safeguard.

 Perhaps this is an obvious statement, but I think coffins are the most tangible representation of loss, something that I feel has been lacking over the past 8 years in the minds of Americans as a group. Were we to see the constant inundation of further casualties, I do not think the War would have been allowed to proceed as it has over the (next month) 6 years that it has.


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