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Changing License Plates?

Posted by demkid on February 26, 2009

Come 2011, these license plates may start becoming collectors’ items:




That’s right.  The Senate passed legislation today to give DC citizens a vote in Congress!  The measure would add a representative for DC starting in the next Congress, and would also give an additional representative to Utah, a very Republican-leaning state.  This would bring the total members of the House to 437.  It looks like there will be a legal challenge after this becomes law, but supporters claim that Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution is on their side, which empowers Congress to “exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever” over the District.  Hopefully, this bill will pass muster.  DC citizens have lacked representation for far too long, and it’ll be good to see Eleanor Holmes Norton with some real voting power, for a change!


2 Responses to “Changing License Plates?”

  1. Dan in EuroLand said

    This is a blatant violation of Article One, Section Two of the US Constitution. I don’t think that any reasonable judge could allow this legislation to stand. Section 8 doesn’t apply because we are dealing with the body of congress itself, and not how DC is ruled. This distinction b/w State and D.C. is best exemplified in Federalist 43, where Madison explicitly stated that the Capital should be distinct from the States. (Which was enshrined in the Con.)

    Why not just go through the proper channels and amend the constitution? Seriously, why do Leftists have so little respect for constitutional procedure?

    I must say, I just found your blog and I love the anti-Right Coast approach.

  2. demkid said

    Well, of course there is that argument on the other side. This isn’t a strictly “Leftist” piece of legislation, by the way…there were a handful of GOP Senate votes in favor. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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