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Posted by brightcoast on February 19, 2009

Steve Poizner Announces Solutions for California Web Video Contest Sacramento –

California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced today that he is sponsoring a web video contest on his campaign website,

The contest is open to all Californians. The Steve Poizner for Governor Solutions for California Web Video Contest is asking Californians to submit a video explaining what they love most about California and also how they would make California better. “My campaign for Governor is about reaching out and involving Californians from all walks of life in a vigorous debate about our state’s future.

 I believe passionately in engaging average citizens in this critical campaign to elect our next Governor. As Californians, we are at a turning point and have some very tough decisions to make together,” declared Steve Poizner. “It’s my hope that this video contest is a fun and creative way for different individuals and organizations to participate in the discussion about which direction our state should take. It’s also an opportunity for us to be reminded of what makes California so special – and so worth fighting for,” he continued.

“My private sector career as an entrepreneur and engineer was centered on a belief in the power of technology to connect people and bring them together to improve our quality of life. Throughout this campaign, it’s my goal to use the Internet and technology to harness the energy, creativity and ideas of a wide range of Californians from across this diverse state,” concluded the Commissioner.

The contest is open to organizations officially registered with a college or university based in California or other nonprofit organizations based in California as well as to all Californians who are age 18 and older. Videos must be two to three minutes in length and winning entries will be posted on

First prize is $1,000, second prize is $500 and third prize is $250. Each entry must specify whether it is being submitted on behalf of an individual or a qualified organization. Entries submitted by individuals must specify a nonprofit organization based in California designated to receive the prize in case the individual’s entry wins one. The contest begins on Saturday, February 22, 2009 and lasts until April 15, 2009. For more information and for a detailed listing of the rules, please click here.


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