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Comparative Effectiveness of Healthcare Treatment Options

Posted by brightcoast on February 16, 2009

An interesting article on one of the provisions in the stimulus plan. My initial reaction was of course, sheer joy, at the thought of why this is happening. I would assume that the feds would then do something with this information, like provide funding for healthcare access. But then, I thought about the EPA, and the nightmare of “feasibility” and “best technology available,” etc. I immediately thought of all of the listed sites in San Diego alone that are supposed to be cleaned up, and chemicals that are supposed to be reduced ASAP. Additionally, just think of how quickly the field of medicine changes, and best therapies may also change with new protocols and new studies. Also, I am fearful of the point made by one of the opposition leaders that this could mean the feds would be mandating what treatments should be used, rather than those that could be used. This is too reminiscent of the whole “experimental treatment” exception those health insurance companies like to use to block coverage.

Anyway, I am pleased with the idea of attempting to avoid costly treatments when they aren’t necessary, and I supposed that finding new ways to “cut the fat” should be applauded. But I am still entitled to my reservations…


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