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Free Law School

Posted by brightcoast on February 12, 2009

I saw that titleon the front page of Yahoo! and I figured it would be some small unaccredited lawschool in downtown LA or something. But once I saw which school it was I remembered hearing about it before. Yes, UC Irvine will offer free tuition to its incoming class. Too bad it’s too late for us, wouldn’t it be nice to graduate with no loans and no commitment to x years of military service. Not to mention the lineup of potential employers they already have schedule for their OCIs, must be nice…


One Response to “Free Law School”

  1. Me said

    I propose that USD professors take 20 students each, and work with them to get jobs. Have the professors sit down with these students, figure out their interests and then start lobbying their friends to place us. I pay $100k for law school. I am not there for the free messages or the candy in the records office. I want access to these great professors, that seem to publish all the time. I am starting to feel like USD is a big rip off where the school charges outrageous tuition so that their friends have a nice cushy office in a beautiful location. “Access. Jobs. Rankings.” — not screwing your students so you can have a nice office in the sun. Get it together people.

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