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“Cyberbullying” Takes on New Meaning

Posted by brightcoast on February 12, 2009

This article reminds me of all the recent hullaballoo about a certain poorly written article in a certain student-run publication. I don’t see the legally plausible reason for preventing students to express themselves or vents about teachers who they feel are subpar, and I doubt the SCOTUSwill either. From what I can garner from the lack of detail in the article, it seems like students were merely complaining rather than raising their level of dissatisfaction to threats or inappropriate shows of force. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the case ever even gets up the federal pipeline since it seems so silly.

And regarding that other subpar article, which now appears on above the law, creating much more ridiculous publicity, I’ll just say that as a woman at USD Law I am extremely offended. For someone who spend more time writing his articles for a newspaper lacking any real journalistic integrity to lob an attack on an entire sex of students, his accusations and allegations could not be less based in fact or less true, and the fact that he repeats his intent to address all women demonstrates his insolence, immaturity, and pure stupidity. So you can’t get a girlfriend, why don’t you join instead of taking out your frustrations on others reputations?


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