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3 States to Victory: The Final Numbers

Posted by demkid on November 3, 2008

Virginia: +4; +6; +6; +4    Who would have thought that a Democrat could win this state for the first time in 44 years?  Hard as it is to believe, Senator Obama has held consistent polling leads here, and will be the person to break that streak.  VA will be blue.

Pennsylvania: +10; +6; +14; +8; +7    After all of the efforts by McCain to move these numbers, they haven’t changed a great deal.  Senator Obama is over 50% in all of these polls, and therefore, PA will remain blue tomorrow night.

New Hampshire: No new polls.    The voters in Dixville Notch cast their ballots just after the stroke of midnight, continuing their “First in the Nation” tradition.  For the first time since 1968, they voted for the Democrat: Obama 15, McCain 6.  Dixville will just be a sign of things to come, as NH will stay blue when all the votes are in.

To conclude, as all 3 states will be won by Senator Obama tomorrow night, he will be guaranteed more than 270 electoral votes, and will become the 44th President of the United States.  Complete predictions to follow!


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