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3 States to Victory: 5 Days Left

Posted by demkid on October 30, 2008

Virginia: +4; +4    Well, these polls are closer than the two from yesterday, but 4 points is still a safe margin.  I’d be concerned if there was more than one poll showing this race at 3 or less in the next few days.  I think VA is definitely THE state to watch on Tuesday.  I think Senator Obama should make one final trip there before then (even though he was there today!)  This would mean either Sunday or Monday (he’ll be in the Western battlegrounds on Saturday.)

Pennsylvania: +4; +13; +12    The Mason/Dixon poll looks to be an outlier at this point.  While Obama’s lead is only 4, McCain only polls 43%.  Nothing to be too worried about, unless polls in the next couple of days back up this lower margin.  Probably a final trip to PA Sunday or Monday would be worthwhile.

New Hampshire: +13; +18    McCain has reduced his ad spending here, and these polls show that the race is pretty much over.


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