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Thank You, Senator!

Posted by demkid on October 29, 2008

Senator Feinstein is far and away my favorite public servant, and I don’t say that just because I interned for her one summer.  She knows how to get things done, is terrific at finding consensus on important issues, and is clearly smart and compassionate.  She’s an invaluable moderate voice in the Senate and an extremely popular representative of the Golden State.  In her position, she realizes that her opinion can carry a lot of weight, but she doesn’t throw it around publicly that often.  Now, with the forces of the Right trying hard to push through their overt discrimination next Tuesday, the Senator has decided that enough is enough.  I applaud her for the following commercial that hit the airwaves yesterday, as it will likely be the final NO on 8 statement before Election Day.  It also will likely be the knife in the heart of the YES campaign.  We should all be thankful for such a terrific Senator!


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