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Dick Morris: Slimiest of the Slimeballs

Posted by demkid on October 29, 2008

I was thinking of the best statement to put after the colon in the above title, and settled on the one you see.  Then, just for kicks, I googled “slimiest of the slimeballs” and was pleasantly surprised at the very first entry that popped up.  (Go ahead, try it!)

In any case, Dick Morris is definitely the worst person to grace the Fox News airwaves right now, and that’s saying a lot.  Outside of his history, his voice is annoying, and he never fails to spew the most hateful and ignorant rhetoric about anything related to the Democratic Party or its candidates/politicians.  I guess I shouldn’t be shocked when he writes crazy shit like this.  The only line you really need to read for a few good laughs is “[D]on’t write Obama off.”  The rest is just pure crap from a blatantly disgusting man.


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