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While we’re posting silly pictures…

Posted by demkid on October 24, 2008

…I’d be glad to contribute.  This girl has to automatically be one of the finalists for “Dumbass of the Year.”  Who beats themselves up and carves something into their face to blame a black Obama supporter for an attempt at political points?  Hey Ashley!  Next time, you might want to plan things out a little better…for instance, actually use the ATM where you say you were robbed, or better yet, figure out how mirrors work!  The best part is that Miss Todd received “get well” phone calls from both John McCain AND Sarah Palin…maybe they should call the fat bitch again and say how sorry they are because they know how much those handcuffs must hurt!

Oh, things are backwards looking in a mirror?!
Oh, things are backwards looking in a mirror?! FAIL.
Oh, and this story gets even better by the minute.  Apparently this chick blogged on her Twitter page, pretending like she was looking for an ATM and was “on the wrong side of Pittsburgh.”  Priceless.

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