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Prop 8 Ads Backfiring?

Posted by demkid on October 23, 2008

PPIC out with a new Prop. 8 poll today showing the measure losing 44-52%!  Although the trend lines for this specific poll are in the Yes direction, this seems to debunk the latest SurveyUSA poll on the issue. 

“We are not surprised to see the PPIC poll’s latest results. This shows that ads full of lies aren’t working. You can’t just make up whatever you want and think you can trick the people of California. In fact, it’s pretty clear that using children to lie about Prop 8 is backfiring. There’s still much work to be done and the
polls will keep moving, but we have every confidence that the people of California will vote against eliminating the rights of their friends and neighbors.”  – Steve Smith, Senior Campaign Advisor, NO on Prop 8

I’m glad to see more No on 8 ads lately, including one with our State Superintendent, but this will still be extremely close.  There should be a new Field Poll out next week on the matter, so we’ll see where things stand closer to Nov. 4.  In other news, Prop. 4 is leading 46-44%, but I was glad to see the first No on 4 ad out within the last few days.


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