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CA Props 4 & 8

Posted by demkid on October 17, 2008

The parental notification and gay marriage propositions are obviously the most contentious measures in this CA election cycle.  Two new SurveyUSA polls came out today, showing that both are close, and in danger of passing.  Proposition 4 (parental notification) is currently leading, 43%-35%, but a large portion of the electorate seems to still be uncertain.  Also, SurveyUSA notes that “opposition . . . has grown over the past three weeks.”  As far as Proposition 8 (same sex marriage) is concerned, recent polls I’ve seen on it have been fairly close.  SurveyUSA currently has it winning, 48%-45%.  However, compare these numbers to a poll taken just a few weeks ago by PPIC, where Prop. 8 was trailing by a 14-point margin.  This speaks to the huge Pro-8 (anti gay marriage) TV advertising blitz, where we’ve seen clips of Gavin Newsom saying that there will be gay marriage “whether you like it or not!”  Read about Newsom becoming a campaign tool for Prop. 8 backers here.  The Prop. 8’ers also have really annoying commercials out with a Pepperdine School of Law professor, who makes “educated” claims that gay marriage will be taught to kindergartners, or something along those lines.  If supporters of equal rights want to defeat this measure, they’d better get their asses in gear, get some money together, and get some more ads on the air, to combat the blatant scare tactics of those trying to take away rights from a sizeable portion of our citizens.


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  1. Keep the faith, my Internet friend. You are a first-class writer and deserve to be heard.

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