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Some Venting

Posted by brightcoast on October 15, 2008

Here are my thoughts on this debate:

Once again, Obama came across as cool, calm, and collected, and articulated his positions on issues and his history, whereas McCain was jumpy and short-tempered, even talking over the moderator’s questions when he wasn’t personally attacking Obama.

What insurance plan costs $5800 and covers everything? CA policies cost that much for 2 people without maternity coverage, which is the most expensive benefit a family will normally need.

How will making loans available incentivize people to go to college? Barack’s idea to offer credits for service is definitely a better alternative, the bill passed last year for graduate schools is definitely a strong factor in my employment decisionmaking process.

I really don’t understand how increasing support in charter schools will help the public school systems. That is begging the question.

Get rid of the bad teachers? Umm, need I say more?

Sarah Palin is definitely NOT one of my roll role models. (What can I say, I’m a product of the public school system). I mean I would even concede that Sandra Day O’Connor is lightyears before Sarah Palin.

Does anyone honestly believe that he would “consider” someone who didn’t support Roe v. Wade? I mean him saying that was a mistake for two reasons: 1) no one will believe him; and 2) he probably just pissed off a good portion of Republicans who were actually considering voting for him.

Lastly, I cannot believe how much precious time McCain dedicated to the Ayers and ACORN nonsense. Are you seriously joking, after Obama explained to your satisfaction, you brought it up again?

Aside from the above, and the obvious criticisms of Obama, did McCain happen to mention anything about where he actually stands on the issues?


2 Responses to “Some Venting”

  1. McCain'08 said

    Your credibility goes “bbbllppptttt” when you do things like spell role model r-o-l-l model. C’mon.

  2. brightcoast said


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