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McCain’s Last Stand

Posted by demkid on October 15, 2008

I’m eagerly awaiting tonight’s debate because it’ll distract me for 90 minutes of the potentially final Dodgers game of 2008.  (If the Dodgers do well early, I’ll tune in just in time to see them blow it again!)  More importantly though, it’ll be interesting to see what McCain’s strategy is in his final chance to connect with a large section of the American electorate.  Trailing badly in the polls, one has to believe that he’s going to attempt to pull something different or ballsy out of the bag tonight.  Afterall, he said that he expects to kick Obama’s “you know what” in this final debate.  As I previously mentioned, I don’t think that attacking Obama is the way to go.  If McCain brings up things like the Ayers issue, that will just turn off independent voters, and it opens the door for Obama to smoothly take the high road.  I think that the only chance McCain has of winning this final debate is for him to try and connect with viewers in a meaningful way.  He needs to describe (in detail) his plan to get the country out of the current financial crisis.  He needs to explain his lengthy experience…taking on both sides to get things done, and contrast this with Obama’s lack of experience and readiness for the job.  He needs to raise doubts about Obama, and explain why troubling times like these call for proven leaders, but he can’t do this in an overtly negative way.  It’s really a fine line he has to walk tonight, and I just don’t see him hitting a home run, especially when he’s up against an All-Star pitcher.

On a different subject, I was in DC for a couple of days last week.  I had the TV on in my hotel room for a little bit, and I was definitely shocked at the number and frequency of Obama ads being broadcast.  He even had 2-minute versions on during commercial breaks!  In contrast, I didn’t see a single McCain ad on in this Northern Virginia media market.  To see what McCain is up against and the powerful resources of the Obama campaign, read this related article.  Also, read this about Obama delaying a potential Game 6 World Series game 18 minutes for a 30-minute ad buy on October 29th.  Powerful stuff!


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