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Obama’s Financial Plan

Posted by brightcoast on October 13, 2008

You can find the full article here. My favorite would definitely have to be the $3,000 credit per new full time employee hire beyond a company’s current level(s). The 90 day moratorium on pursuing foreclosures for homeowner’s attempting to make payments also makes sense as a responsible quid pro quo to the banks who are gaining from the national bailout. It shoudl be interesting to see what MC can come up with…


2 Responses to “Obama’s Financial Plan”

  1. Ken Wilson said

    How would that help businesses when it costs more than $3,000 to hire an employee, give him benifits, and if the business climate does not warrant the hiring of a new employee?

  2. Gumbi said

    I’m not sure where you read it would “help businesses”, but it would definitely incentivize businesses to engage in hiring because the credit gives them a discount on new labor.

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