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22 Days and Counting…

Posted by demkid on October 13, 2008

What do these last 3 weeks have in store for us?  With one candidate ahead by a large margin, there are bound to be some surprises from the trailing campaign in an attempt to claw back into the race.  Bill Kristol has quite a few suggestions for McCain in the Times this morning, and I agree with him that huge changes are the only way to proceed.  However, unlike Kristol, I think that this election has reached the hopelessness stage for the GOP.  McCain only has 90 minutes left to present himself to a large section of the American electorate, and there’s no indication that he’s going to pull off the best debate performance in history.  There’s also no indication that the economic crisis will vanish in the blink of an eye.  While there may be some big campaign shake-up before Wednesday or within the next week, theelection at this point is more about voters feeling comfortable with Barack Obama.  His debate performances and the way in which his campaign has been run have gotten him to the point where no smear tactics by the other side will do any significant damage.  He has large leads in many battleground states, and this means that McCain will need to win back the states he trails in where he should be ahead, and in addition, win pretty much all of the former toss up states.  While McCain and Palin are busy campaigning in North Carolina and Virginia, Obama and Biden can concentrate on shoring up the states that would be their easiest path in getting to 270. 

While Drudge may emphasize 1-point swings in polls as a sign that McCain is poised for a comeback, all reasonable indications show that any kind of comeback is unlikely.  For instance, note the new ABC News/Washington Post poll out today, showing Obama ahead by 10 points, and their note that “no presidential candidate has come back from an October deficit this large in pre-election polls dating to 1936.”  Also of note in this poll is that 32% of respondents have a better view of Obama because of the debates, while just 8% have a worse opinion of him.  Compare this to 12% better vs. 26% worse numbers for McCain.  Finally, Obama now leads among Hillary Clinton Democrats 81-17…numbers that are especially encouraging for me.


13 Responses to “22 Days and Counting…”

  1. lizzygram said

    I am glad you are so confindent..For I am not. I not voting for either one of the canidates for I have felt they both have lied so much on the campaign trail. And if they lie to us here …they will lie to us from the Oval Office as well. So I am not bias to either one.
    But there is alot of allegations surfacing about who Obama really is?? Is he a natural born citizen?? What is his real name?? What is his real religion?? And a few more. These allegations have been out there for some time now..from what I have been reading. Just surfacing now…for the media wouldn’t pick up on it before.
    I have questioned his religion myself for some time now…ever since the Pastor Jeremiah Wright thing. I am a christain..and I would have gotten up and left any church that had a pastor preaching the things Pastor Wright was preaching. And I sure wouldn’t have gone back to that church again….so, if he is not a radical of some kind, why did he stay with that church for 20 years?
    This alone makes me wonder about radical friends like Bill Ayers…is he telling the whole truth about it?? Makes one wonder, truly.
    I have read there is a court preceeding right now that is stemming from…Phillip J Berg,esq is asking Obama to turn over his birth certificate to prove he was born here in the United States. One would assume if he had nothing to hide…he would turn it over in a heart beat to put an end to that allegation. Can you tell me, why he hasn’t and refuses to turn it over to the courts?? You should beable to answer this for your article gives one the notion that you know all about this guy.
    Is his name Barack or Barry?? I would like our media to get involved in these questions and find us the answers..For I truly feel alot of people would be shocked…for alot of you have closed minds on this matter…Time will tell and it will come out sooner or later.

  2. brightcoast said

    Birth certificates are public records, meaning anyone with proper authority can access them. And I believe you are confusing Barack’s citizenship status with that of John McCain, the man born in the Panama Canal Zone…

  3. lizzygram said

    Yes, he was…I agree. On a US Military Base and both parents were US Citizens. So, that makes Sen. John Mc Cain a natural born Citizen dear. I know for a fact it does for my brother was born in Panama and I was born in Germany because of my dad being in the Military. You do your homework. You need to go to this web site and I have provided you with the link:

    Do your own investigation before you become to confindent…and just may end up shocked as (—-) and with egg on your face.

  4. brightcoast said

    I’m well aware that the issue has been “settled.” I was merely pointing out where the actual controversy regarding one of the candidates’ citizenship lied, and it is not with the democratic ticket.

  5. brightcoast said

    And I must say, that is an incredibly reliable website you linked to. I’d bet the information on there is completely accurate and not biased in the least.

    And once again, birth certificates are public records. If it is so mysterious where Obama was born, why doesn’t this highly credible attorney subpoena his records?

  6. demkid said

    You aren’t voting for either candidate because you say they both lied on the campaign trail? What candidates in the past haven’t “lied”, in your opinion? Interesting that you talk about lies when you bring up pointless issues like Barack’s name, religion, and citizenship. Were you that old woman at the McCain town hall who said that Barack is an Arab?

  7. lizzygram said

    This is one for Brightcoast: You are right about a subpoena?? No arguement there. But, it also still remains: Why doesn’t Obama just turn it over to put an end to these allegations brought up, if they are indeed just allegations?? Is he trying to hide something?? Whose knows?? Do you??



    Ok, you’re right. Geewhiz, Obama is such a fool! He should totally stop thinking about unimportant and irrelevant issues such as our excellent economy or the fact he’s running for president or anything silly like that. What is this guy thinking? He should take action quickly and point out, over and over and over and over and over, with signs and commercials, and pictures and charts, to the each and every voter that he was born in Hawaii! No, no….you’re right…he shouldn’t assume Americans are smart enough to realize that having him discuss his place of birth is like having him tell us he eats or sleeps or needs water to survive.

    I think the .00000001 % of citizens that don’t realize that he is eligible to become president should stay far away from the polls because more sophisticated issues–you know, the ones being debated and discussed, silly things such as the economy, foreign policy, etc–are maybe, just maybe, but i’m sure you’ll disagree, above their heads.

    Instead, he should focus on the obvious! You’re 100% correct. Tell us how tall you are Obama. Tell us what color your hair or eyes or skin is. Tell us you’re a male. We just can’t make assumptions such as these because you need to tell us! We don’t know if you are actually talking or if we’re just hearing things. I mean, the fact you’re 22 days out from potentially becoming the president isn’t enough for us to realize that you’re a citizen. Come on man…why would you expect us to think on our own, Obama?

  9. lizzygram said

    And this one is for you, Demkid. The answer to your first question is they all have lied. That is why I don’t Vote. That is the main problem in our government today…Politicans aren’t held to accountability.
    The answer to your other question is NO, I am not. Nor am I the one who hollared KILL HIM. I don’t stoop to that anymore than I do voting for a LAIR. But, I do have an open mind and look for the truth…more than I can say for you.
    And I take pride in my refusal to vote for lairs. No, can blame me for Former President Bill Clinton’s Impeachment. Lieing to the Federal Grand Jury, the American people, and turning the White House into the Whore House. So, see you really don’t have much to brag about with your party…either.

  10. brightcoast said

    About doing your research, he did turn over his birth certificate. To which those ledging this ridiculous falsehoods cried wasn’t “authentic enough.” Glad we resolved that meritorious allegation…

  11. lizzygram said

    I know he posted a copy of a birth certificate..DID NOT TURN ONE OVER THOUGH. Check that statememt out alittle bit more throughly. Check this web link out and read some interesting things in the Court Papers.

    And then read the comment I posted here on this site to Demkid. I will put that apologize up and will I get one on your side if it doesn’t come out to be as truthful as you say it is??

  12. brightcoast said

    “Why doesn’t Obama just turn it over to put an end to these allegations brought up, if they are indeed just allegations?? Is he trying to hide something?? Whose knows?? Do you??”

    This is ridiculous. You stated that if he “turned one over,” then it would put an end to the allegations. Yet once he posted it you again cited to the same biased website: “I know he posted a copy of a birth certificate..DID NOT TURN ONE OVER THOUGH.” What do you mean by turn one over? Should he have to pay to get a copy of his birth certificate from the clerk’s office in order to give attention to this ridiculous lawsuit? These tabloid websites all claim that Obama should turn over the “original.” What original is this? When a child is born you fill out papers which are then registered with the clerk’s office. Then, if you would like an official copy you have to pay a fee and request it after a specified period of time following the birth.

    Do you have any credible websites to link to? Such as actual national newspapers, like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc? If not, then I think we’ve settled how “compelling” this issue is and how sound the allegations are.


    “When a child is born you fill out papers which are then registered with the clerk’s office. Then, if you would like an official copy you have to pay a fee and request it after a specified period of time following the birth.”

    I guess Lizzygram overlooked my prior post. Nonetheless, Brightcoast, you don’t mention the potential intervening events that might render that “official copy” less official. I think it’s very important to point these possibilities out to Lizzygram because we don’t want to leave out any plausible happenings and we have to be crystal clear here. You should mention to Lizzygram that lightning might strike at the exact moment Obama would request his official copy and the clerk’s pen might begin to glow like a Star Wars lightsaber. Then, the ink might turn clear and the signature validating the “official copy” might become invisible and thus this might render Obama’s official copy unofficial. However, that would be common and i’m sure the clerk’s office has a backup plan prepared. Because in the event lightning doesn’t strike, the clerk might suddenly implode and receive marks of stigmata and then the earth might tear open into a hole the depth of the Grand Canyon. This would then get in the way of Obama getting his official copy and so there’s really no possible, probable, realistic, believable, true, EVER NEVER EVER way Cinderella can make it home by midnight to provide voters with any substantial belief that Obama was born in the U.S. In fact, maybe he was never born to begin with. Maybe, just maybe, qualified by a few more maybe’s, Obama isn’t really Obama! Maybe he’s the Ghost of Halloween! Trick or treat beeechez!

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