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Debate Night Round 2

Posted by brightcoast on October 7, 2008

Here’s an article outlining what to expect.

I am most interested to see how McCain handles the questions, whether he succumbs to his temper, or more humorously if he gets caught off guard ala Palin style. The most vivid example coming to mind being the day where in the morning he stated that the fundamentals of our economy are strong, yet in the afternoon gyrated while stating that we are in a crisis.

I think because he is more in touch with the current situation in the U.S., and “normal” people overall, Obama should come out if not adding to, at least solidifying his lead in the poles. His cool demeanor will serve to reassure more people than McCain’s aggressive style.

But perhaps most importantly, I can’t wait until the SNL parody of the debate. However, I doubt it will be as good as those past since it doesn’t involve Palin/Fey.


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