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New Term Begins Today

Posted by brightcoast on October 6, 2008

You can find an article here summarizing some of the cases they will hear. Perhaps the most interesting/important feature of the article is the point it makes about the potential for S.Ct. appointments that the next president will potentially have. It points out that there are currently 4 “liberal” justices, 4 “conservatives”, and 1 “moderate,” meaning that just one appointment could make a shift in power. However, it seems to me that what is more likely to happen is that an appointment for Obama would most likely result in a mere substitution of one liberal for another, whereas if McCain were able to by some miracle be elected, he would have the potential to stack the Court with even more conservatives.

Either way, if we end up with a majority in the Senate, then we shouldn’t have to worry about any more Alitos or Roberts’s getting through, we’ll more realistically be faced with the Kennedy’s of the world. And who doesn’t love the Kennedys?


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