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Gwen Ifill and the VP Debate

Posted by shockstheconscience on October 1, 2008

Add this as # 3,008,628 on things that baffle me about this campaign season.  Apparently, many conservatives are decrying the fact that Gwen Ifill has been chosen to moderate the VP debate.  From what I understand, the argument against Ms. Ifill proceeds as follows:

(1) Ms. Ifill wrote a book discussing the after effects of the Civil Rights movement and the accomplishments of black people in politics following the movement.  This book, not surprisingly, features Barack Obama.  Somehow, this is a glaring black mark on Ms. Ifill’s record and is proof that she is insufferably biased towards the democratic ticket.  Somehow.

(2) Ms. Ifill was apparently not sufficiently enthusiastic when listening to Governor Palin’s acceptance speech at the RNC.  Personally, I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t find the speech particularly inspiring since Governor Palin spent the majority of her time disparaging people for their volunteer work and listing foreign nations in an attempt to suggest she is experienced in international issues.  However, that is my interpretation only and Ms. Ifill’s lack of expression is hardly an endorsement of the Democratic ticket.  Could it be that she was tired?  Or thinking?  Or maybe she was just not impressed with what was generally a well-delivered but uninspiring speech?

(3) People fault Ms. Ifill for not allowing Vice President Cheney more than his allotted time to respond to an attack by Senator Edwards at the previous VP debate.  Apparently, it is also a blemish on someone’s record to decide to follow the rules.

My response to conservatives?  You are clearly gifted at spin and this feigned dismay at Ms. Ifill’s so-called inappropriate and biased behavior is ridiculous.  Please spend more time preparing your VP candidate for the debate as she has proven herself to be incapable of coherently answering questions that should be easy for her.


One Response to “Gwen Ifill and the VP Debate”

  1. Ken Wilson said

    The Book is entitled “The Obama Age” and will be released on Jan. 20th 2009. See anything mysterious there? She is clearly a huge Obama supporter and cannot be an unbiased moderator.

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