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Old News

Posted by brightcoast on September 30, 2008

I was watching Pelosi’s speech before the bailout vote, and the thought occurred to me, why didn’t Obama tap her for the VP slot? Thoughts?


4 Responses to “Old News”

  1. demkid said

    Because she’s a crazy San Francisco liberal who doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time? I’m sorry, but the rhetoric in that speech was uncalled for at a time when Congress was trying to pass a critical bipartisan bill.

  2. brightcoast said

    Well then I guess I must be a crazy San Francisco liberal too. Kudos to her for not being afraid to say what was on her mind. How many critical partisan bills are expected to pass all the while expecting people to glaze over or remain silent on the reasons they are necessary in the first place?

  3. hiyabob said

    from Rasmussen:

    Whenever anything bad happens in congress, the blame will attach in part to Pelosi. That said, I don’t think her speech had anything to do with the republicans killing off the bill (other than serving as a convenient excuse for flipping). There’s a better reason

    a blogger did a regression analysis and found that representatives (both dems and repubs alike) facing competitive elections this year were more likely to vote against the bill than ones in safe seats.

  4. hiyabob said

    wow, looks like I need to work on my XHTML syntax

    “Congressional ratings first hit nine percent (9%) back at the beginning of July, marking the lowest ratings recorded by Rasmussen Reports. Ratings hit the same low two weeks later. Congress has not received higher than a 15% approval rating since the beginning of this year.

    Indicative of the low opinion most voters have of Congress were the findings in another survey earlier this week of members of the leadership’s own party. Just 37% of Democrats say they have a favorable opinion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while 51% have an unfavorable view of her. One-quarter (25%) of Democrats rate their view of the San Francisco Democrat as Very Favorable, but 14% see her in a Very Unfavorable light. “

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